Stainless Steel Flanged Hex Head Race Spec Gold M10 x 70mm x 5

$75.00 USD $85.00 USD

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Technology: CNC machined

Material: Stainless Steel

Installation: Easy installation

Head Style: Flanged Hex Head

Package: 5 pieces

* Photos are for reference only.

Length & Sizes:

Thread Diameter: M10

Length: 70mm

Thread Pitch: 1.25mm

Thread Length: 26mm

Shank Length: 44mm

Head Diameter: 17mm

Head Height: 7.35mm

Socket Size: 12mm


Perfect for road or race environments

Pre-drilled bolts for ease of lockwiring

Design for who value attention to detail

Hex is dished for additional weight saving

Durability and corrosion resistance