Top 5 Accessories For Honda Monkey 125 Z125M 2022

Top 5 Accessories For Honda Monkey 125 Z125M 2022
You are excited about your new Monkey 125, you want to add some accessories on your bike. Here are the top 5 hot items for Honda Monkey.
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TOP 1 - Mirror Riser

Best for wide shoulders' riders

It is always on the top of the list since 2019. Mirror Riser is always a favorite item for small bike riders and bikers with wide shoulders, they raise the rearview mirrors so they are wider apart, that allows rider to see more on what's behind the wheels.
It comes in three colors- black, gold and red with Monkey 125's logo engraved on it. The gold and red color are exclusive at our online store and there is a special edition available too. 

TOP 2 - Valve Cap

Keep your valve opening clean

Valve cap is a must have item if you are one of those who hate to clean your tires before bumping air into it. A small part can keep road dirt, spider-webs out of the valve opening. When you blow air into the tires, small dirt and sand may also blow into the tires, in long term it may cause damage to the valve mechanism or leakage. The valve cap is to protect the valve opening from dirt.
There are four color options - black, gold, red and blue. Four colors that matches Honda Monkey.

Top 3 - Oil Filler Cap

One item, but two duties

Oil filler cap is another item Monkey riders love, our oil filler cap is logo engraved which gives some individualism to the bike itself. A small part to keep dirt and debris from entering oil fill hole. There is a rubber ring around the cap which prevents oil from leaking or splashing out.
There are five color options - black, gold, red, blue and green which riders can find their color to match their bike.

TOP 4 - Gear Shift Shaft Support

Useful parts for safety driving

Gear shift shaft support is an additional item to Monkey 125, it is designed to reduce the free play on the bikes gear shaft to provide a fast and positive shifting operation. It stiffens up the lateral movement in the gear shaft and reduces the slop in the gear shift linkage. It helps prevent miss shifts altogether and provides positive gear changes.
Monkey 2022 has upgrade their model to a 5-speed engine while 2021 and model before has 4. The gear shift supports are different according to bike year. Currently only black color is available for 2022 models while black, gold, red and blue are available for 2018-2021 models.

TOP 5 - Bar End Sliders

Customize your bike

This is also a hot items for Monkey riders. Bar end sliders are parts you always look at before you drive, while you drive and even after you stop your bike. The OEM bar end sliders are only in silver which sometimes you might think, that's too much silver in the cockpit! Monkey riders find our bar end sliders are better designed and matches the color of the Money bike. 

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