Mini LED Rear Tail Brake Turn Signal Lights

$23.80 USD

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Material: High Quality Plastic

Installation: Easy installation

Package: Light x1 pair

Placement Position: Rear / Tail / Luggage Box / Footrest

* Photos are for reference only.

Length & Sizes:

Body Color:Black

LED Cover Color:Smoke (Grey)

LED Color:Amber & Red

Width:approx. 56mm

Depth:approx. 14mm

Height:approx. 10mm

Wire Length: approx. 90cm

Lighting angle: 120 degree


SMD 3528 super bright LED light

Total of 15 pieces of LED in each lights

(Red LED x9 & Yellow LED x6)

Faster on/off response time

Works on all DC 12-Volt motorcycles

Turn signal & running light ALL-IN-ONE

Waterproof & vibration resistant

Include 2 double-sided tapes

Wiring Instructions


Red:Brake Light

Yellow/Amber:Turn Signal Light