What is CNC?

MC Motoparts CNC machining tools

MC Motoparts CNC machines

CNC is abbreviation for Computer Numerical Control, a technology helps in manufacturing process.


CNC machining with programs of codes in numerical system makes flawless products.


CNC machines can accomplish three dimensional cutting tasks in one single assignment even for complex shapes and designs. It is a pre-programmed computer software gives precise machining.


MC Motoparts CNC machines for fuel cap

Process of CNC Machining

Operators activate the CNC system and input the program into the software with a desired cut shape or design.


Live operators are needed for CNC machining, because CNC programming codes (G-code) are written by programmers, then they fed the programs to the computer through a small keyboard.


MC Motoparts CNC machines for Ducati clutch cover


The process of machining our product usually take 3-4 steps. Take the above Ducati clutch cover as an example. 

Step 1

Prepare the high quality aluminum block for machining

Step 2

Place the aluminum block onto the CNC machine and start the program

Run the program and cutting the bottom of clutch cover in 3 dimensions

Step 3

Flip the block upside down and place it on the CNC machine

Run the program for cutting the top of clutch cover

Step 4

The final product is basically done CNC machining, and it is ready to get some color on


MC Motoparts CNC machines for foot peg extension part

Example of CNC machining of our products - extension part for foot pegs


MC Motoparts CNC machines for Ducati pressure plate

Example of CNC machining for Ducati pressure plate


Water Jet Cutters

MC Motoparts CNC water jet machining



Our company uses water jet tools for CNC machining aluminum, aluminum alloy and stainless steel products.


Water jet machining are usually used on cutting hard materials, high pressure of water or water mixed with strong abrasive substance (e.g. sand) are apply to the machining product during the process. This is used for cooling the product itself as friction of hard materials causes high heat. Cooling can also prevent any change to the metal for better and precise machining.



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