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Keanu Reeves motorcycle

"Its the visceral quality, the vibration, the wind, the sound"



Keanu Reeves, a Canadian actor has been a motorcycle enthusiast since his young age. In 2011, Keanu and his partner Gard Hollinger founded ARCH Motorcycle of selling high-end custom handmade American motorcycles. They opened their first store in South of Los Angeles.



In only 5 years of time, they released their first motorcycle KRGT-1 and it is re-designed and re-build from a Harley Davidson bike.



Their custom motorcycles are mixed with old-school handcrafts and the latest materials and tools. Keanu said "We make over 200 parts billet aluminum". Their first KRGT-1 is custom made to every owner, from the fairing to the parts its make unique to every owner. 



Arch Motorycle

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