Electric bike is the trend, RMK is doing it futuristic

Finnish brand RMK electric motorcycle E2


Pre-order for RMK's E2 is available now on their official website or local retailers with the price of EUR 2,000 (approx. 2,240 USD)



The E2 has 3 different colors, white, red and blue. The design is simple and plain.



The design focus would be the rear wheel. It has a hubless rear wheel like those futuristic motorcycles in movies. It will be eye catching if applying the rim with fluorescent or reflective decal stickers.

E2 also removes all the chains, gears and filters. Simple design and all engine by battery.



The E2 has removed the switches and meters in a control panel like the other motorcycles. It keeps all information on a digital monitor. The monitor is slightly lowered, hiding in between the shoulders, it allows rider to read clearly by blocking sunlight shining on the monitor.




Wheel base 160cm

Weight: 200kg

Power 50kW

Torque: 320Nm

Digital Monitor: over-the-air updates, customisable interface, navigation

Battery: 80% in 2-3 hours

Can go 200-300km ride with fully charged battery

DC fast charging is coming


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